enchilada sauce

Homemade Red Enchilada Sauce

The other day I had a ton of leftover beans from another dish sitting in the fridge. I hate wasting, but knew I’d totally needed to repurpose the beans to get anyone in my house to eat anymore of them. So, I decide that bean and cheese enchiladas would be just the ticket! (Mexican food tends to go over really well at my house.) Unfortunately, I had no pre-made enchilada sauce on hand. I thought about it, and realized I probably had everything on hand to make my sauce from scratch. Most fortunately I did! The sauce turned out to be super easy to make, and quite tasty. Pretty much it’s all about the spices, most of which I suspect are already staples in your pantry. So, all that considered I figured I better share my recipe with you guys. Now you too can make spur of the moment enchiladas and use up the extra-whatever in your fridge. Enjoy!… 

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Heirloom Tomato, Bacon, And Cheddar Quiche

A lot of people at the tiny little church my family and I attend happen to live on a farm/ranch/have enough land to plant a respectable sized garden. Apparently we’re in/ getting to the end of harvest season. As a city-type-girl, or at least suburbs-type-girl; I take everyone else’s word for this fact. I know… 

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Photo By Feed Me

Intriguing Bread Recipes

Michelle Life Update: *So the Broncos kicked some serious butt last night. My husband and brother were actually at the game, in most excellent seats, to see touchdown #509. In fact my husband got the big moment on video via iPhone. However, I’m not going to share it with you because I’m pretty sure the NFL… 

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Italian Beef Stew

One of my all time favorite dishes to make back when we lived in North Dakota was beef stew. It’s hearty, warm, and comforting, perfect for those below zero kind of days.Though we don’t tend to hit below zero temperatures in Colorado all that often there are certainly cool enough days to warrant a nice big… 

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skillet chicken pot pie

Skillet Chicken Pot Pie, With Biscuit Crust

So chicken pot pie isn’t generally my thing. You might ask me, “Why? Chicken pot pie is such a well beloved dish. Everyone loves chicken pot pie!” And indeed you would be right. Generally well liked, just not by me. “Beloved and bland,” I would tell you. See, I feel there’s nothing wrong with the principal… 

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The house cut potato chips with blue cheese are terrifically gooey, cheesy and crunchy; bet you can’t eat just one.

A Character in the Kitchen: Chef Nathan Powers of Bambara

Feed Me…I’m Hungry writer Michelle Sandstrom also does some writing over at The Daily Meal. She recently had the pleasure of attending a press trip in Salt Lake City. Read on for a taste of her experiences. The kitchen at Bambara, one of the finest upscale restaurants in the city of Salt Lake, is run… 

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