BBQ Grilled Cheese

Grilled Cheese.



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copycat chebe or Pão de Queijo,

Copycat Chebe Cheese Bread (Grain Free Brazilian Cheese Bread)

*Note: If you Googled dairy free Brazilian Cheese Bread you came to the right place. There are notes in the recipe on how to adapt it for dairy free results! School is back. I absolutely can’t believe Aiden is a first grader now; and away at school for a full day! It’s so strange not having… 

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Even Better Blueberry Scones

blueberry scones

I rarely bake with blueberries, despite the fact that they taste insanely good in baked goods. Blueberries are pretty expensive most of the time here in Colorado. So when I get them, I pretty much shove as many of them in my face as possible, immediately. They are too much of a treat to waste on… 

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Salads Off The Beaten Path

Photo courtesy of Alex Drahon via free

If you’ve been reading for any length of time now you know I’m less of a veggie person and more of a carb and cheese lover. Meat, particularly, sausage, brisket, and a good burger, come in close behind the carbs. And let’s not forget chocolate, chocolate, more chocolate, aaaannnnd pretty much any form of baked… 

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Homemade Vanilla Extract

vanilla extract

We’re moving into “birthday season” around here. Starting in September we have two or more birthday’s a month to celebrate, until February. Then we take a month off and have four more birthdays in March. Plus, there is Christmas tucked in there as well. With so many gifts to buy, make, or track down, I… 

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Super Dupper Easy Peasy Blueberry Muffins

blueberry muffins

Confession. I’m still playing that phone game, Clash of Clans. And I like it! I’ve progressed to the point where I almost no longer suck. I’m a clan leader, I can actually three star people in war, I know people in my clan… all of which means I actually play the game, perhaps entirely too… 

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