SONY DSCmini chocolate saucepan cakes

Mini Chocolate Saucepan Cakes For Two

Life finally feels like it’s returning to normal. After several weeks of recuperation Aiden is finally well. He had a chest x-ray, and the aspiration and infection are both gone. It’s so good to see him back to himself! He went back to school this week; and our whole family is starting to pick back up our other normal activities. Normal things just take a back burner when one of your kiddos is sick, and you’re so worn down yourself, you know? Now I feel like I have a million little chores I want to get done, tons of housework to catch up on, and I’m especially excited to start devoting more time and energy to the blog once again. It feels good to be back in the swing of things. … 

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homemade wheat bread

Perfect Homemade Wheat Sandwich Bread

I am so angry and irritated with Apple, that I am seriously tempted to migrate back to the world of PC/ Android. I’ve owned a mac for over 10 years now. I have an iPad mini. I have an iPhone. My husband has an iPhone. I am generally known to be a mac lover.  Here’s… 

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Roasted Red Pepper and Cheese Enchiladas

roasted red pepper and cheese enchiladas

How was everyones Easter? Ours didn’t turn out quite as expected. We had plans to go to church, have brunch with my family after, and do Easter baskets later that evening with my husbands parents. Unfortunately, what actually happened is that early Easter morning we were woken up by a very upset Aiden, who was… 

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Dairy Free Cinnamon Rolls That Don’t Suck

dairy free cinnamon rolls that don't suck

You guys! I am getting really excited for Easter this weekend. It’s one of my favorite holidays. Obviously, being Christian it has deep personal significance for me. Then, on top of that I also love getting together with family to celebrate and  all the fun traditions we have with the kids. Of course, there’s the… 

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Roasted Red Pepper Soup with Goat Cheese and Parmesan Crusted Croutons

roasted red pepper soup

We’ve finally hit spring. This week was Aiden’s spring break from school. Easter is just around the corner. My tulips are growing in the garden. It’s time to start trimming back old branches, fertilizing, planting new seeds, and all those other garden tasks. Spring is here!

Cookbook Review: Lighten Up, Y’all + An Interview With Chef Virginia Willis + Recipes!


Picture yourself sitting down to comfort in a bowl. Gooey cheese, noodles perfectly cooked al dente, and a crumbly breadcrumb crust. The perfect bowl of mac and cheese. If you’re anything like me, you’re going to devour that bowl; while at the same time guiltily counting the astronomical calorie count you’ve consumed. Now lets picture… 

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