Homemade Gnocchi with Spicy Italian Sausage

My husband has been requesting I make him homemade gnocchi for, I don’t know, maybe a year now. It’s not that I don’t want to make the foods that Charlie requests; but I’ve gotta admit I’ve been a little intimidated to try making gnocchi. I’d heard they were somewhat difficult to make. And so this past winter I just never quite got around to trying them. … 

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breakfast bars

Steel Cut Oat Breakfast Bars

You guys. I’m reeeaaally needing new breakfast ideas. That doesn’t feel like a very food blogger thing to admit. But, Here’s the thing. Despite being a food blogger who is supposed (and enjoys!) testing out new and exciting recipes regularly; I can also be a stick in the mud about food sometimes. Though I do love… 

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Mussels in White Wine with Garlic and Shallots


I’m kinda feeling like a dork today. My husbands got me playing this phone game Clash of Clans. I’m thinking this is so not a thing in the female, almost 30, world. My husband promises me other adults actually play this game. Apparently guys at work go around asking each other, “Do you clash?” (Which is… 

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Colorado Green Chile / Smokey Green Chile

green chile

There are many different variations of lovely green chili out there: Chile Verde, Chile Verde Con Cerdo, New Mexico Style Green Chile, Texas Style Green Chile, Hatch Green Chile, authentic Green Chile from Mexico, and probably many more I’ve yet to name. The ingredients vary in each type of chile, or each regional style, or heck even with in the… 

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Mini Blackberry Crumbles or Pies (Mix and Match!)

mini cobbler

We’re getting to the end of Aiden’s kindergarten year. (I know every mom says this, but I can not believe how big he’s getting. It still feels like he should be just toddling around… so crazy!) While the kindergarten class is certainly still studying, they’ve also gotten to to that end of the year, fun… 

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Killer Fish Tacos

fish tacos

I think I had a pineapple turnover for breakfast this morning. It was… strange.