no churn ice cream

No Churn Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl Ice Cream

No churn ice cream recipes have been hurtling their way around the internet for at least a few years now. I’ve been meaning to give the whole concept a try, preeetty much since I started blogging. Brilliant right? Homemade ice cream that doesn’t require special equipment, tons of advanced thought, chilling of bowls, custards, etc; but still has that awesome ice cream texture and flavors? Yes please!… 

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homemade cream soda

Homemade Cream Soda

Oh you guys! Aiden has been on simmer break for a little while now, and I’m absolutely loving it! Sometimes, when you’re going, going, going, for a long time you don’t realize how worn down you’ve become. Finally having the opportunity to slow down now that school is done, has definitely made me realize how… 

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Green Chile Mac and Cheese

green chile mac and cheese

This super duper wonderful recipe for Green Chile Mac and Cheese was actually supposed to get posted ages ago… Like, shortly after I posted my recipes for Colorado Green Chile and Smokey Green Chile. It took me like, three tries to get this mac and cheese made/photographed/ up here for you guys. I almost gave up, but… 

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Simple Olive Tapenade

olive tapenade

I am the kind of person who leaves notes, lists, recipes, all over the place. Everywhere, on everything. On my legal pad, in my zillion notebooks, on the calendar, on the backs of letters, napkins, paper scraps, in my phone. I actually have a pretty good memory. But, like anyone I can forget things, which… 

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Omelet with Herbs de Provence and Mascarpone

omelet with mascarpone

My husband has been working late quite a bit recently. He is in the construction field, fire alarms to be specific; and as the weather warms up his company always gets a serious pop of busyness. As with any type of constructions, fire alarm is definitely the type of work where you “get while the… 

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Homemade Gnocchi with Spicy Italian Sausage


My husband has been requesting I make him homemade gnocchi for, I don’t know, maybe a year now. It’s not that I don’t want to make the foods that Charlie requests; but I’ve gotta admit I’ve been a little intimidated to try making gnocchi. I’d heard they were somewhat difficult to make. And so this… 

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